resurfacing garage floor

How Much Will it Cost to Resurface my Garage Floor?

Resurfacing the garage floor is an inexpensive way to maintain the floor’s integrity, style, and value. Plus, it also helps lengthen the time the floor is usable, ensuring you get your money’s worth from the flooring. You should resurface the floor if it loses its sheen, you notice damages, or after a couple of years have passed. Then, resurface yearly for best results. How much will this all cost? Believe it or not, a resurfacing garage floor project is one of the most inexpensive jobs you can do.

Get it Done in the Summer

Summer is the best time to resurface the garage floor. This is because temperatures are just right for the floor surface to set. This also means that companies are busier than usual and may charge a little bit more money to complete the project. However, garage floor resurfacing is still inexpensive by most standards.

What Affects the Cost?

Numerous factors impact the cost of resurfacing. This includes the type of material you want to use, the size of the garage, the age of the garage flooring, and of course, the company hired for the work. Epoxy is one of the more affordable options for floor coating.

resurfacing garage floor

Compare & Get the Best Deals

It is mandatory to compare choices if saving money and getting the best deal is important to you. It takes little time to learn this information and can ensure you get an amazing floor at an even better price.

Average Cost of Garage Floor Epoxy

On average, garage floor coating costs $5 to $12 per square foot. With the right choices you can easily get this work done at a reasonable cost and enjoy a longer lasting, more beautiful flooring for a long time ahead.